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All About Jiaren Yoga

Our Mission

Jiaren Yoga’s mission is to empower women and promote wellbeing by providing a nurturing environment to feel their body and mind. We welcome all genders and all colors of the rainbow!

A yoga practice is a chance to get rooted in who we are without being overwhelmed by the outside noise and today’s technological overload. This allows us to realize that our perspective on life is valued and beautiful in all of its complexity. Yoga helps us quiet our minds, open our hearts, and treat ourselves as sacred, opening pathways for comfort, expression, and awareness.

We love to share the life-changing practice of yoga with students in search of discovery, transformation, healing and growth.


Non-Profit Network

Supporting the non-profit community is a big part of who we are. We are happy to support you with what we do, either through donating yoga classes or using yoga as a fundraiser tool for your current programs. We are also open to new ideas if you are interested. Feel free to reach out and see what we can do for you.

For partnerships and event inquiries, please call 408-657-3264 or email

Jiaren Family

Our yoga studio is part of the Jiaren Family, an organization founded to strengthen female communities by connecting, inspiring and educating the next generation of female leaders. We host a variety of events that focus on different female groups, such as entrepreneurs, working professionals, small business owners, and students.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, many of our services and programs are currently paused. Visit the website and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!

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