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Space for Rent

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Happy holidays everyone! Now is a slow business season, so we decide to open our yoga studio space and rent it out to people in need. Our space is perfect for group class or private one on one sessions, whether you are doing yoga, dance, healing, meditation or Reiki, it will be a professional setting for your own business practice. It is quiet and clean, which provide the comfortableness to you and your clients. The size is about 800 sq ft. The room has ventilation systems in place. Free Wi-Fi, ADA bathroom included. Ample space in a private parking lot with no fee to you or your clients. We are offering a private, clean, health care setting in which to run your own business practice!

Your trust in using our space will help us to cover some basic costs as well. We really want to create a space for the local community and you can help us too! If you are in need of a space to start your business, feel free to reach out and see what we can offer. We offer hourly rent, 10 hr package or by request. We look forward to working with you!


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