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Transform Your Life With Meditation

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Meet Ian Farrow, one of our awesome yoga instructors! Ian teaches the path of meditation with insight, clarity, and practicality. He teaches Sitting Meditation as a healing practice and if the student is prepared, offers meditation integrated into daily life through a profound process called Living Meditation. Ian is honored to share these practices with the local community through his private practice, Heaven on Earth Healing Arts which offers Ayurveda, meditation training, and holistic health coaching.

"I was exposed to the benefits of meditation at the age of 21 while studying abroad. The practice was transformative as my mind become more organized, clear, and vibrant. I began to experience a profound closeness with life. My meditative experience deepened dramatically when I studied intensively with two teachers who clarified the missing pieces of my years-long practice. After that, I recognized the potential impact of meditation teachers and decided to become one myself. I'm honored to teach meditation to the Jiaren community." - Ian Farrow

What is Meditation, and How Can it Transform Your Life?

Meditation is a process that liberates your attention from compulsive thinking. This allows for greater mental clarity, emotional stability and vitality. In this process you learn to disengage from compulsive thinking and return to your natural resting state. The meditation that Ian personally practices and teachs can be practiced both on the cushion and off. The first is called Sitting Meditation, and the second is called Living Meditation.

Sitting Meditation

The practice of Sitting Meditation is extremely simple. It is so simple that you may not get it on your own, as you can easily overthink it and miss the point entirely. That’s where the meditation teacher comes in. Ian will grasp the intricate simplicities of the practice and eventually prompt you to let go of what you just learned. After all, meditation is all about letting go. That is the subtle art of Sitting Meditation. During the practice of Sitting Meditation, Ian will teach you how to find a steady posture, and observe the body, mind, and breath. He will help you to find a posture that's right for you, orient your attention out of compulsive thinking into conscious observation, and guide you towards an effortless state of being. Together, we will meditate, discuss any questions that come up, and build your home practice.

Living Meditation

Living meditation is practiced off the cushion and integrated into daily life. It is popularly known as Mindfulness. It is completely different from the practice of Sitting Meditation and evolves naturally out of it. Once integrated properly, this meditation is effortless, spontaneous, and full of energy. It is not a practice, per se, but rather it is a quality and state of being.

Hear From a Student:

"The art and science of meditation with Ian is a gift. The class is a combination of multiple meditations, lectures and discussions and is suitable for beginners and more advanced meditators. Ian is very flexible, he integrates questions from the class into his lectures. Ian has great energy and is a very giving instructor. The class has significantly helped me quiet my racing thoughts, understand observation and receive back energy that was not well spent. I always leave feeling peaceful and joyous :) “ - Yvette, regular meditation student
“Thank you for our meditation guru. I really appreciate your guidance. It means a lot to me and has helped me in a lot of ways. The beauty of your sessions are that they tailored to fit all and your repeated guidance gives confidence, affirmation and positive energy to everyone in there. I would love to continue attending your sessions.” -Sushila

If you've ever wanted to get into meditation, have had difficulty sticking to it in the past, or want to reap the powerful benefits of this transformative practice, book a class with Ian today! Check out his website here to learn more about his powerful story and practice! By setting aside time to just be and breathe, you are investing in yourself, your mental health, and your life. Click below to book your spot and explore our other many yoga class offerings!


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